Fit Canada Club

  • IBJJF Professor Gradings

    Fit Canada's Head professor is a registered IBJJF black belt and adult grading's are done under the IBJJF standards

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  • Modern Fully Equipped Dojo

    Fit Canada affiliate locations are well equipped locations with certified Instructors. Most instructors with fit Canada also have rank in both judo and BJJ. Our Whitby affiliate is a Nidan in Judo.

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  • Certified Self Defence Courses

    Fit Canada offer certified self defence courses along side of Anti Bully courses for kids. Many of Fit Canada affiliates are certified MAAB schools (Martial Artists Against Bulling)

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  • Competitive Kids Programs

    Fit Canada has a great competitive kids program with many kids taking medals in provincial and regional competitions. While our kids are great competitors the emphasis is on having the kids liking the program and of course safety is number one.

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  • Beginners Freestyle Judo/BJJ

    This beginner level introduction to Freestyle Judo/BJJ teaches the kids the beginner level skills and teaches the languages used in this unique martial art. Children are taught the basic skills needed to train safely in this martial art. Children with no martial arts experience will benefit from this beginner program.

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  • Anti-Bullying/Self Defence Class

    Fit Canada's Anti-Bullying clinics are a huge success. Our students love that they can bring friends to the Anti-Bullying clinics for free. Fit Canada clubs are proud to be a part of the Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB) movement. This is an international organization made up of professional martial arts instructors from all over the world.

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Why Join?

Fit Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a martial arts style. We are the complete game with training in both judo as well as BJJ styles. Our success is the proof that our techniques are the very best with one of the world’s youngest master. Fit Canada is run by 6 times world masters champion professor Brian Beauchamp with affiliates Canada wide. Come see what all the buzz is about, and give our family a try. You can print out one of our free week coupons, which will be emailed to you after completing the form after clicking the red button below, for a free week at our club.


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